Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AW Journal august 24th

I just woke up. This is my first entry, but may be my last. Went to the rally last night. Left pumped up over the cause. However, progress is moving too slowly for me to handle, so tonight I've decided to take matters into my own hands. Will lay it out later, tellatubbies is on.

Just scared myself half to death. Left the ski mask on after the rally last night,  saw myself in the mirror while going to the bathroom. Thought there was an intruder... Just me. I'm ok, but the mess I made is overwhelming. Will try to get through my Eight is Enough season 3 collection & hope the mess will work itself out on it's own.

Just re-reading my last entry to make sure it really happened that way. It did. All is well.

Thinking about a meal before I take the action that I've bestowed upon myself to further my cause. Don't dare to cook ever since the accident with that damn turkey, so I'm going to order out. I hope that nobody recognizes me over the phone.

Got part way through the menu provided in my phone book & punched my cat. Poor Gonzo. He should know not to bother me when I read.

Just finished my meal. Pizza, wings, salad & beans. It was a great meal! Hope it's not my last. But if it is so be it. I ate the salad to make it an official last meal just in case. I'm ready to leave now, so this may be my last entry again. I've stripped down, got my mask on so I'm incognito, my yellow AW cape to cause fear in the event of trouble, & my depends on just in case. Such are the fatigues of my order. With me I am taking my weapons of choice. An empty white plastic bag, a TV remote, super glue, & a quarter. If I make it through my first act of public mayhem, I will make an entry. If things don't go well... Mother, I'm sorry. You were right about me. You were right.

First mission accomplished! The empty bag has been launched! I saw it floating around the street as I was pulling away. I witnessed distant headlights behind me swerving! Success! On to mission two. This will be my most taxing mission yet. If anything happens to me, please feed my cat. He likes yodels & green beans. Thanks.

I'm alright & will be the envy of my peers! The havoc I've created with my remote is without bounds! People calling their cable company complaining, others blaming ghosts, others beating their remotes... I am a GOD!

The quarter is in stuck place outside the mall's main entrance. Damn cameras! I had to tuck the end of my cape into my depends, in an attempt to keep their attention off of me. Something I'll deal with in the morning. Forgot & tried to pick up the quarter myself after. Damn. Otherwise I'm OK.

Made it home & my cat is pissed. Even though I've filled my depends, I am going to watch the news all night to reap the benefits of my toil. Wait till the guys at the hall hear about this. I'll have to call them all & try to keep them away from the mall. Should have thought of that earlier...Will continue tomorrow.

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